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East Side Stories: Capturing Dad

2 Feb 2014

Two young sisters embark on a trip to visit their estranged father who is dying of cancer, setting out to fulfil their mother’s request to capture a photo of him. Ryota Nakano’s award-winning debut feature film is a charming story about two sisters’ journey to find out about the father they knew very little of.

Awards: Asia-Pacific Film Festival (2012) Best Supporting Actress - Makiko Watanabe; Asian Film Awards (2013) Best Supporting Actress - Makiko Watanabe; Skip City International D-Cinema Festival (2012) Best Director - Ryota Nakano, Skip City Award - Ryota Nakano

Capturing Dad (Chichi o tori ni), dir Ryota Nakano, Japan 2012, 74min, English subtitles


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