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Still from: Jennifer West, Naked Deep Creek Hot Springs Film, 2007, Courtesy Vilma Gold, London and the artist.

On the Custom of Wearing Clothes curated by Michelle Cotton

26 May 201227 May 2012

Titled after and compiled in the spirit of Montaigne’s philosophical essay, On the Custom of Wearing Clothes considers the relationship between convention, necessity and commerce.

Bonnie Camplin, Get Me a Mirror, 2004, video, 5 min 58 sec
Spartacus Chetwynd, Call of the Wild, 2007, 16mm, 7 min
George Barber, Schweppes Ad, 1995, video, 4 min
Wim T Schippers, Phil Bloom reading a newspaper on Hoepla, 1967, 1 min 19 sec
Michel Auder, The Games: Olympic Variations, 1984, video?, 25 min
Jennifer West, Naked Deep Creek Hot Springs Film (16mm film neg soaked in lithium hot springs water, Jack Daniels and pot – exposed with flashlights – skinnydipping by Karen Liebowitz, Benjamon Britton & Jwest), 2007, 16mm film negative transferred to digital video, 2 min 33 sec
Shahryar Nashat, One More Time with James, 2009, HD video, 4 min
Neo Naturists, Film TBC
Anthea Hamilton, Venice, 2011, video, 4 min 27 sec

Followed by curator Q&A on Saturday 26.



Michelle Cotton is the Senior Curator at Firstsite, Colchester. She has curated over thirty exhibitions, screenings and projects including solo exhibitions by Michel Auder, Steven Claydon, Paul Sietsema and Stephen Sutcliffe, as well as group exhibitions that include Camulodunum, Firstsite; The Long Dark, International 3, Hatton Gallery and Kettles Yard, and historical surveys of the films of Mary Ellen Bute and the work of the British design group, the Design Research Unit. She has published numerous reviews, essays and articles, and is the author of the recently published Design Research Unit 1942-72 (Koenig Books, 2011) and the editor of a new publication on Steven Claydon, Culpable Earth (Firstsite, 2012). In 2011, she joined the Acquisitions Committee for the collection at the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims.



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