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The Phantom of Liberty, Dir Luis Buñuel, 1974

Cinema’s Architects of the Uncanny: The Walls are Closing In

22 Jun 201130 Jun 2011

With the work of Pablo Bronstein currently housed in, around and through the ICAhaunting every spacewe turn to some of cinema's master builders to observe human characters who are possessed by architecture and living in the mansions of their minds.

  • Inferno, Dir Dario Argento, 1980


    22 Jun 201125 Jun 2011

    Dario Argento follows up Suspiria with this second chapter in his Three Mothers trilogy. An imposing New York apartment block is home to a coven of witches, a submerged ballroom and a mystery ‘beneath the soles of your shoes’.

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  • Repulsion, Dir Roman Polanski, 1965


    23 Jun 201126 Jun 2011

    A west London apartment transforms itself into a charged psychological space in Roman Polanski’s artfully realised Sixties shocker.

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  • The Phantom of Liberty, Dir Luis Buñuel, 1974

    The Phantom of Liberty

    23 Jun 201130 Jun 2011

    A compendium of absurdity and surrealism, Buñuel’s 1974 film is structured like a house in which every door and passageway leads you to another room that holds its own surprises.

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  • The Exterminating Angel, Die Luis Bunuel, 1962

    The Exterminating Angel

    24 Jun 201130 Jun 2011

    Buñuel’s stinging satire of the upper-classes finds a group of guests invited to a mansion for an elaborate dinner party. Once seated however, they find themselves strangely unable to leave.

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  • Malpertuis, Dir Harry Kümel, 1971


    24 Jun 201129 Jun 2011

    A sailor returns from his travels to his family estate of Malpertuis, an ominous mansion distinguished by its series of mysterious spaces and tenants.

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  • The Fall of the House of Usher, Dir Roger Corman,1960

    The Fall of the House of Usher

    25 Jun 2011

    Roger Corman’s adaptation of an Edgar Allen Poe story tells the story of a hereditary curse that bleeds into the very walls of the family house.

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  • Celine and Julie Go Boating, Dir Jacques Rivette, 1974

    Celine and Julie Go Boating

    25 Jun 201126 Jun 2011

    Jacques Rivette’s beloved classic, in which two young women imagine themselves into a domestic story playing itself out in a Parisian mansion.

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