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Bird's Eye View International Shorts Programme 1

Bird's Eye View International Shorts Programme 1

10 Mar 2007

In the first of our imaginative international shorts programmes we bring you a skin-crawling creepy thriller from New Zealand, beautiful folksy Serbian animation and UK premieres: a brilliant documentary of a Polish teenager and Portugese drama of passion.

Nature's Way
Deep in the woods, a man hides the body of a young girl. Nature's Way is a creepy and tummy turning tale of revenge from beyond the grave.
Dir Jane Shearer, New Zealand 2006, 12 mins

The local swimming pool is empty and everything seems out of check in this quirky and flawlessly shot Slovenian oddity.
Dir Laila Pakalnina, Latvia 2006, 12 mins

Sixteen year old Joanna is a right sulk. And her father doesn't know what to do her. This documentary is brilliantly observed and truthful to the core. In her unwholesome neighbourhood in Lodz, Joanna's youthful charm and wit is soon revealed, meanwhile her father tries to protect her from making the same mistakes that he did.
Dir Anna Karasinska, Poland 2006, 11 mins

Naïve Story
In this wonderful Serbian adventure, a young country dweller finds herself in the big city for the first time. Naïve Story is a colourful and charming fable.
Dir Marija Milanovic Lazarevski, Serbia, 7 mins

Flesh of My Flesh
A woman alone with her secret until one day she cannot hold it any longer...
Dir Margarida Leitao, Portugal 2005, 14 mins


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