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Jay Bulckaert, Conibear, 2015

BFI London Film Festival: Thrill Shorts - New Kind Of Kick

8 Oct 2016

BFI Film Festival: 245 features. 74 countries. 15 cinemas. 12 days. One Festival.

A collection of short films whose protagonists walk the line between right and wrong. Some just do it for the buzz, others out of sheer desperation.

Programme Notes

  • Conibear, dir. Jay Bulckaert

    A liquor-soaked glimpse into the life of two hard-living trappers as they navigate the dark, frozen wilderness of the Canadian north.

    Conibear, dir. Jay Bulckaert, Canada 2015, 11 mins

  • The Best Last Best Plane Ride Ever, dir. James Blagden

    October, 1986. The NY Mets beat the Houston Astros. This animation recreates their post-game airplane celebration: three hours of unbridled chaos.

    The Best Last Best Plane Ride Ever, dir. James Blagden, USA 2016, 9 mins

  • Snuffbox [Bjudlocket], dir. Bengt Persson and Melker Sundén

    A Swedish prisoner, counting down the days until his parole, has his world fractured by the arrival of a Balkan warlord.

    Snuffbox [Bjudlocket], dir. Bengt Persson and Melker Sundén, Sweden 2016, 25 mins

  • Dreamlands, dir. Sara Dunlop

    Pixie’s party-filled, promiscuous existence is turned on its head when a mysterious young boy turns up in her seaside town.

    Dreamlands, dir. Sara Dunlop, UK 2016, 14 mins

  • Trespass, dir. Mirrah Foulkes

    A woman is out in the woods walking her dog and has a disturbing encounter with a young girl.

    Trespass, dir. Mirrah Foulkes, Australia 2016, 11 mins

  • Timecode, dir. Juanjo Giménez

    Luna and Diego are car park security guards. Diego does the night shift, while Luna works by day. Winner of the Palme d’Or for Best Short Film at Cannes.

    Timecode, dir. Juanjo Giménez, Spain 2016, 15 mins

  • Keep Going, dir. Geon Kim

    The journey of Yeonhee and a robot called Margo, whose heart she is connected to.

    Keep Going, dir. Geon Kim, South Korea 2015, 19 mins

(Notes by Simon Young)

Total running time: 104 mins

60th BFI London Film Festival trailer

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