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Marco Del Fiol, The Space in Between – Marina Abramović and Brazil, 2015

BFI London Film Festival: The Space In Between - Marina Abramovic and Brazil

16 Oct 2016

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This is a bold and unsettling plunge into the unknown. The inimitable Serbian artist Marina Abramović has long been fascinated by Brazilian mystical traditions. Seeking out methods of personal and emotional healing, she embarks on an introspective journey deep into the Brazilian interior in order to further push the limits between the physical, the spiritual and the arts. Abramović is utterly captivating as she recounts her fearless and often jaw-dropping experiments at the hands of various mediums, crystal healers and shamans, culminating in a beguiling ayahuasca ceremony. Director Marco Del Fiol infuses a good dose of humour to the proceedings, and employs a visual style that creates space to capture the artist engaging with nature and the elements. It’s a fascinating journey with one of the most unpredictable and mesmerising artists of our times.

(Notes by Laure Bonville)

The Space in Between – Marina Abramović and Brazil (Espaço Além – Marina Abramović e o Brasil), dir. Marco Del Fiol, Brazil 2015, 86 mins.

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