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Adrian Sitaru, House Party (Chefu'), 2012

BFI London Film Festival Short Film Programme: Everything Good is Happening Somewhere Else

13 Oct 2013

Escaping from situations we don’t want to be in, or undertaking a journey to experience a new life, are explored in these films. Sometimes those epic journeys can be life changing or – maybe it’s an intimate trip closer to home. Regardless, we all need to leave our comfort zone, even if things don’t quite turn out the way we expect.

Coming of Age Evren'in Sonu
Dir Eli Kasavi. Turkey-UK 2012. 19min
It’s Evren’s 18th birthday, the day he will inherit the family fortune. But Evren has other plans.

Sea View
Dir Jane Linfoot. UK 2013. 24min
A teenage girl struggles to navigate her way through a brief encounter with an older man.

Choir Tour
Dir Edmunds Jansons. Latvia 2012. 5min
A choir of boys, a mass of unpredictable talent, goes on tour and gets lost in games typical of their age.

Dir Bram Schouw. Netherlands 2012. 11min
Three friends take a road trip that will change their lives forever.

Dir Eike Schulz, Hendrik Raufmann. Germany 2013. 5min
A young couple avoid issues, worry about missing out and give it a try.

Director Jonas Cuarón. USA 2013. 7min
Two stranded Greenlanders on the frozen Arctic tundra receive a radio transmission from an unidentified but distressed American voice.

House Party (Chefu')
Dir Adrian Sitaru. Romania 2012. 18min
Neli goes away for a few days, leaving her 17-year-old son home alone.

Some Age
Dir Matt Weathers. USA 2012. 27min
Looking for a change in her life, a girl drifts through the landscape of Los Angeles. She gazes upwards at clouds floating above, while the strange constructions of mankind populate the world below.

Total running time 116min


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