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Love Me Till Monday, Dir Justin Hardy, 2013

BFI London Film Festival: Love Me Till Monday

15 Oct 2013

Becky is intelligent and pretty and graduated from University. So why, at the age of 25, while all her friends seem to be living it up in London or buying wallpaper with their boyfriends, is she working in a dead-end office job, living at home with her mum and sleeping with average-looking men who never call her back?

The producers of Love Me Till Monday left university and found England in a recession. Finding no British films in the cinema that remotely seemed to reflect their lived reality, they decided to create something that revealed the suburban dullness of starting life after college. Gathering a crew of fresh graduates, and securing experienced television director Justin Hardy and actor Tim Plester, they have created a sweet, charming and very British comedy about a young girl – brilliantly portrayed by Georgia Maguire – trying to be happy.

Dir Justin Hardy. Prod Muireann Price, Jack Fishburn. Screenwriter Justin Hardy, Muireann Price, Jack Fishburn. With Georgia Maguire, Tim Plester, Royce Pierreson.
UK 2013. 89min. Prod Co Muireann Price.


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