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Akousua Adoma Owusu, Kwaku Ananse, 2013

BFI London Film Festival: African Shorts

9 Oct 2013

A 90 minute programme of short films from Ethiopia, Ghana, Burkina Faso and South Africa.

Ada Mt
Dir Zelalem Woldermariam. Ethiopia 2013. 18min
A young Ethiopian composer and drummer deals with a traumatic experience from his childhood when a deaf spirit appears and inspires him to channel his memories in a new direction.

Kwaku Ananse
Dir Akousua Adoma Owusu. Ghana 2013. 26min
Infused with the richness of Ghanaian mythology Kwaku Ananse combines elements of autobiography with the West African fable of trickster spiderman to show that that are two sides to every coin.

Dir Cedric Ido. Burkina Faso/France 2013. 30min
Burkina Faso, 1987— the country is undergoing a revolution. 8-year-old Manu is a dreamer who loves to read comic books and has no real friends his age. He prefers to tag along with his big bother Albert and his two buddies, Kaboré and Ibou. When Albert goes to a marabout to undergo a magic ritual to become invincible, Manu realizes that there are real powers that can rival those of his comic book superheroes…

Dir Mark Middlewick. South Africa 2013. 15min
A lonely security guard, working the graveyard shift in a colossal Johannesburg shopping mall, finds solace and security in a storefront mannequin.

Total running time 89 mins


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