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João Viana, The Battle of Tabato, 2013

The Battle of Tabato + Q&A

5 Dec 2013

First-time feature director João Viana explores music, sorcery and post-colonial angst in Guinea-Bissau in this fable-like drama, which won him Best Debut with honorable mention at the 2013 Berlin International Film Festival. Following the screening is a discussion with director João Viana.

Much like Tabu, The Battle of Tabato finds a Portuguese filmmaker reflecting on his nation's imperial legacy in Africa, using stylish monochrome visuals and a playful fairy tale narrative. However, unlike Tabu's director Miguel Gomes, self-produced first-timer Joao Viana tells here a contemporary story, featuring  native Africans as his main protagonists.

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The Battle of Tabato, dir João Viana, Guinea-Bissau/Portugal 2013, 78 mins


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