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Bad Company (Mabudachi)

12 Feb 2012

Sadatomo (Yamato Okitsu), the son of a strict and dictatorial middle school teacher, struggles to live his own life under his father's disapproving gaze. When Sadatomo and his friends are caught stealing from a neighborhood store, his father is outradged and punishes them by assigning each of them a written task that examines their own actions. Moved by his father's disappointment, Sadatomo writes a profound paper that pleases his father, who submits the work to a writing competition  that only serves to display his father's despicable character.

Dir: Tomoyuki Furumaya, 2001, 35mm, 98min, Colour, English Subtitles, 1.85:1
Cast: Yamato Okitsu, Ryosuke Takahashi, Yuta Nakajima, Ken Mitsuishi, Asako Yashiro, Mikio Shimizu


E.g., 31-07-2021
E.g., 31-07-2021