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And Then Came Lola, Dirs Megan Siler & Ellen Seidler, 2009

And Then Came Lola

3 Jul 2010

Sizzling lesbian newcomer Ashleigh Summer takes the leading role as Lola alongside cult lesbian heartthrobs Jill Bennett (Dante’s Cove), Cathy DeBuono (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Out At The Wedding) and Jessica Graham (2 Minutes Later) in this sexy lesbian romp inspired by the classic Run Lola Run.

Sassy lesbian photographer Lola is on the verge of success in both love and work, yet she could lose it all if she doesn’t make it on time to a crucial meeting with her girlfriend. But, as usual, Lola is late! Racing through the streets of San Francisco, Lola gets into an ever increasing number of outrageous scrapes involving ex-lovers, wannabe girlfriends and part-time stalkers. As the clock counts down, Lola realises that it will take more than one chance to make this date...

Dirs Megan Siler & Ellen Seidler, US 2009, Digital Betacam, 70 mins.


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