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Algorave Noise Unit

Algorave Workshop & Calum Gunn's Algorave Orchestra

6 Aug 2017

The Embodied AudioVisual Interaction Group (EAVI) convenes a day of audiovisual workshops with Howlround, Calum Gunn and Ewa Justka. Each workshop is led by a musician who will teach participants how to make and use the unique tools they use to create music. Participants will then have the opportunity to perform alongside the artists in an evening concert. 

The series of workshops explores EAVI’s key research interests, focusing on embodied interaction with sound and image. Aligning with other aspects of the In formation programme, EAVI locate audiovisual performance within spaces of collaboration and sensory connectivity, articulating new ways for collective and individual interaction to promote learning and participation.

Algorave is a new musical practice that enables people to make music in real time by typing code: “live coding”. The TidalCycles language is fast becoming the musical programming language of choice for computer musicians, letting you make and transform musical patterns with text, quickly creating fluid rhythms to move minds and dancefloors.

In this workshop you will be introduced to TidalCycles by musician Calum Gunn and have the opportunity to perform with Gunn in an Algorave Orchestra during the evening concert with the skills you have learned in the afternoon. For this workshop you need your own computer, but no previous programming or music skills are necessary: just an interest in making new sounds in interesting ways.

Calum Gunn will perform a solo set transforming the Upper Gallery into a glitched-up rave tunnel. 

This workshop requires participants to bring their own laptop

Calum Gunn is a musician and web developer whose practice encompasses academic computer music and rave culture and sounds. His work focuses on the deconstruction of rhythm, subverting the notion of dance music. Inspired by ‘classic’ rave sounds, modern EDM and early techno, he reproduces familiar sounds, arranging them into new patterns and tones. Gunn runs the Conditional record label and hosts a show on Resonance Extra.


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