ICA Welcomes 2015

The ICA offers organisations, companies and individuals the chance to deliver unique events in our gallery spaces on the Mall.

These events are organised independently and are not part of the ICA’s exhibition programme. To find out more about hiring one of the ICA’s unique spaces, please visit our venue hire pages. For information about the current ICA programme, take a look at our current highlights.

Here is a selection of events that took place at the ICA in 2015...

Brix and The Extricated
27 November 2015
ICA Theatre

Brix and the Extricated comprise of ex-members of The Fall’s halcyon period. They are the writers behind some of the most beloved songs of The Fall canon. With an undulating set list which incorporates legendary Fall songs from their period alongside explosive new material, the universal question after the first gig was, “Why didn’t this happen sooner?”

25 and 26 November 2015
ICA Theatre

Presenting a unique and intimate two night residency at the ICA is Portico, the pioneering experimental jazz and electronica at the home ground for innovative art. If you still don’t know who Portico are, then you need to start paying more attention. Having been nominated for a Mercury Prize all the way back in 2007 the group have only been growing their audience, while shrinking in band members.

Eat Your Own Ears & SJM Concerts present: TĀLĀ
11 November 2015
ICA Theatre

Fast-rising producer/artist TĀLĀ will be bringing her unique blend of Middle Eastern traditions and sultry RnB to the ICA. 2015 has seen this talented artist go from strength to strength, including collaborations with the likes of How To Dress Well and Sylus, and a stand-out performance at Field Day 2015. Her latest releases continue to establish TĀLĀ at the forefront of new music, and you can listen to her brand new single Enta Ayez (You Wish) ft. Sadat & Alaa Fifty here.

Mystery Jets
10 November 2015
ICA Theatre

It’s been three years since Mystery Jets last struck our hearts with their fourth album Radlands, and near a decade since debut record Making Dens ripped onto the scene with a chant of Zoo Time and a band that featured their dad. Mystery Jets are pleased to announce their new album Curve of the Earth, released on Caroline International on January 22 2016. This very special show at the ICA is your chance to catch new material exclusively before anyone else.

Soundcrash Present: Darkstar
4 November 2015
ICA Theatre

Darkstar have created a unique sound by combining the style of underground electronic music that the UK is at the forefront of with a more vocal-based approach, creating a twisted psychedelic pop sound that is incredibly unique. They combine bubbling melodies with warped pulsating beats and warm vocal hooks to create a sound that has cemented them as one of the most innovative acts to emerge in the last few years.

Having started out releasing glitchy dubstep on Kode9s famous London-based label Hyperdub, Darkstar moved on to release their last album ‘News From Nowhere’ on Warp in 2013 which saw them move towards a more indie sound that has seen them compared to the likes of Radiohead, James Blake and Animal Collective.

Four Tet live
25 August 2015
ICA Theatre

Four Tet release a new album Morning/Evening in early July on his Text Records label. To celebrate, he is performing live at the ICA.

Jam City
5 June 2015
ICA Theatre

While drawing on a diverse musical history (sound system guitar dynamix, punk, hip-hop, grime, country, the gothic and the modern), Dream A Garden remains rooted in the bleakness of the present: everyday life under the regime of high capitalism. Turning the avenues of lifestyle fascism we walk through everyday into psychedelic, surreal daydreams, Jam offers his songwriting as a coping mechanism, a form of re-scrambling a landscape dominated by ideologies of selfishness and hatred. In our age, the act of loving, being loved and giving love is radical; Dream A Garden refuses greed, violence, and the impossible ideals that gloat from every surface of our cities, infesting the spaces where humans once dreamed dreams of their own. A rejection of our 'fate' as the generation raised on empty promises, SSRIs and indefinite war; curtains closed, alienated from our bodies, our voices, our earth.

Future Brown
19 February 2015
ICA Theatre

Future Brown's London debut album show, plus special guests.

Paul Simonon – Wot No Bike
21 January to 7 February 2015
Nash & Brandon Rooms

Wot No Bike is a series of new paintings by artist, musician and biker Paul Simonon. In these oils on canvas, Simonon depicts his own personal effects that include biker paraphernalia such as jackets, boots, helmets and gloves, alongside his packets of cigarettes and books. The paintings are as much self-portraits as they are still lifes. Autobiographical in the modernist and realist painting tradition, Wot No Bike is Simonon’s personal exploration of British subculture and counterculture in the post-war decades.

For further information, please visit Paul Simonon's official website

These events are organised independently and are not part of the ICA’s exhibition programme. To find out more about hiring one of the ICA’s unique spaces, please visit our venue hire pages. For information about the current ICA programme, take a look at our current highlights.

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