Dancer in Nightclub, London, c.1985-89, courtesy Lindsay Wesker

Phoenix: Events 2015

A list of events at Phoenix, run as part of the ICA's Fox Reading Room Touring Programme.

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Shout Out! UK Pirate Radio in the 1980s
23 July – 24 August 2015

Exhibition Opening
23 July 2015

Artist's Tour led by artist Polly Brannan
21 August 2015

Workshop led by artist Polly Brannan: Sounds of Now
22 August 2015

Whose Gaze is It Anyway?
27 August – 24 September 2015

Exhibition Opening
27 August 2015

Workshop led by artist Jo Dacombe: Critical Poster Design
Date TBC

Artist's Tour led by artist Jo Dacombe
Date TBC

Middle Eastern Film Panel Discussion and Screening
Date TBC