We move in her way: A Reading List

The ICA Bookshop's handpicked selection of titles related to current Upper Galleries exhibition Sonia Boyce: We move in her way.
23 Feb 2017

ICA Bookshop manager Abi Bryant has put together a reading list of titles relating to the current Upper Galleries exhibition Sonia Boyce: We move in her way, covering a range of topics from Sonia Boyce's practice to performance art theory to the legacy of the Black Arts Movement.

Jan Verwoert - COOKIE!
ed. Vivian Sky Rehberg and Marnie Slater

Me want Cookie! This collection of essays by Jan Verwoert is playful, irreverent and deeply serious. Probing notions of power, performance and capitalism in vivid, fluid language, Verwoert engages with a range of artists and, of course, The Muppets.

Assign and Arrange: Methodologies of Presentation in Art and Dance
ed. Maren Butte, Kirsten Maar, Fiona McGovern, Marie-France Rafael and Jörn Schafaff

This book gathers together texts which reflect on the points of contact between art and dance performance – both their presentation and the terms in which they are critically framed. Interspersed with suggestions for a performative reading of the book itself, the contributors discuss a wide range of methodologies and highlight junctures and perspectives from art history, dance studies and architecture in order to consider fruitful overlaps for the forms going forward.

Like Love
Sonia Boyce, ed. Axel Lapp

Drawing together documentation from a three-part evolving project, Like Love explores many ongoing themes and concerns of Sonia Boyce’s practice. Working closely in “improvised collaborations” with groups in three different locations, with each generating new connections and material, Boyce explores community, cohesion and the tenuous links of love.

Shades of Black: Assembling Black Arts in 1980s Britain
ed. Ian Baucom, Sonia Boyce and David A. Bailey

Gathering together texts resulting from a series of talks and conferences, Shades of Black: Assembling Black Arts in 1980s Britain debates and contests the framing and legacy of the British Black Arts Movement. Through essays, images and a suggested reading list, contributors probe the very notion of a coherent movement whilst simultaneously considering the potential openings and critical contexts it can provide for artists today.

Signals: August 1964-March 1966
ed. David Medalla

Signals London, active from 1964 until 1966, played a vital role in bringing experimental and interdisciplinary international artists to UK audiences and helping to foster a dialogue spanning Europe and Latin America. The Signals Newsbulletin, edited by David Medalla, continued this discussion, featuring work by Jesús Rafael Soto, Takis, Lygia Clark, Sergio de Camargo, Carlos Cruz-Díaz, Eduardo Chillida and Marcela Salvadori amongst others, while widening debates around performative, participatory and time-based works.

Monica Ross - Ethical Actions. A Critical Fine Art Practice
ed. Suzanne Treister & Susan Hiller

Documenting Monica Ross’s practice from 1970 to 2013, this publication draws together a major legacy one which ranges from her early collaborative works such as Feministo: Women’s Postal Art Event – A Portrait of the Artist as Housewife at the ICA in June 1977, right up to the sixtieth performance of Anniversary – an Act of Memory, which took place at the UN Human Rights Council, Geneva, on the day that she died. Far more than a record, this book highlights Ross’s work as vital, alive and immediate and its concerns as both influential and ongoing in contemporary discourse. ■

Sonia Boyce: We move in her way runs in the ICA Upper Galleries until Sunday 16 April.