Judy Blame in conversation with Gregor Muir

Judy Blame and Gregor Muir

1 Jun 2016

Influential British stylist and accessories designer Judy Blame discusses his life and career with ICA Executive Director Gregor Muir as part of the Judy Blame career retrospective at the ICA.

Blame tells his life story, including his upbringing in Spain before his family's move to Devon. Lured by London's punk scene, Blame exchanged rural life for bondage trousers before spending time in Manchester with the likes of Peter Saville, Buzzocks album designer Malcolm Garrett and the artist Linder. His return to London during the Blitz scene is marked by new acquaintances such as Derek Jarman, Leigh Bowery and fashion designer Antony Price.

In this epic‎ interview, Blame talks about his collaborations through the House of Beauty and Culture with John Moore and Christopher Nemeth, as well as stylist Ray Petri and Buffalo Girl Neneh Cherry. Touching upon his own work as a stylist for Boy George and Björk, Blame goes on to outline how his artistic practice has evolved over the years.

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