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  • Richard Hamilton at the ICA, 2014. Photo: Victoria Erdelevskaya

    Gallery Tours

    7 Jan 200718 Sep 2017

    Join curators, artists and other cultural practitioners on tours through our exhibitions.

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  • Photo: Two Artists Piss on Duchamp's Urinal

    Pushing the Boundaries

    20 Apr 2009

    A series of talks all about boundaries, the people who make them and the effect they have on our lives.

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  • The Future We Want

    Culture Now

    4 Feb 201117 Feb 2017

    Join us for our series of lively Friday lunchtime conversations for the culturally curious, with key figures from the contemporary arts scene - free for ICA Members.

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  • Friday Salons

    1 Jan 20128 Mar 2017

    Friday Salons are discursive seminars that focus on presenting new models of working, artistic strategies and the latest research into current cultural developments.

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  • Symposia Season


    1 Jan 201331 Dec 2018

    Organised in collaboration with our University Partners, ICA Symposia host the latest contemporary research in academia, across a wide range of interdisciplinary topics and formats of presentation.

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  • ICA Music Associates

    ICA Music Associates

    1 Jan 201418 Sep 2017

    A programme of live music, performances, screenings and special events, generated through exciting collaborations with established and emerging record labels, artists and music organisations.

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  • Cinemania

    21 Aug 201422 Apr 2015

    Cinemania is a series of inspiring film screenings and talks for young people aged 16-19, taking place across London.

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    1 Jul 201531 Mar 2018

    STOP PLAY RECORD was a programme open to anyone interested in learning how to make experimental short films and being introduced to experts working across moving image sectors.

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  • ICA Student Forum

    ICA Student Forum

    1 Jan 201614 Dec 2017

    The ICA Student Forum offers an opportunity for students to shape and develop a public programme of events in response to the ICA programme of exhibitions, films, performances and public events.

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  • Evan Ifekoya, Lipstick and Tash, 2012, webcam photo


    1 Jan 201617 Dec 2016

    ICA 16+ workshops are programmed in response to the exhibitions or other strands of the ICA Public Programme. Artists, musicians, photographers, poets, filmmakers and others run these events, focusing on critical and practical skills related to contemporary culture.

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E.g., 29-10-2019
E.g., 29-10-2019