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Photo: Two Artists Piss on Duchamp's Urinal

Pushing the Boundaries

20 Apr 2009

Rules, etiquette and beliefs all form boundaries that define our daily lives and structure our universe. Whether physical, personal, social, institutional or geographical, the location of a boundary or the reason for its existence is often unclear and even controversial.

Who decides where a frontier divides territory? What differentiates acts of activism from terrorism? How does one’s status slip from eccentric to socially inept? By encouraging dialogue between the people who define boundaries and those who defy them, this series explores the nature and effects of these structures and the acts of provocation or self-affirmation that redefine them.

Organised by Dr Martine Rouleau, lecturer at Goldsmiths College and Birkbeck College

  • Photo: Two Artists Piss on Duchamp's Urinal

    Artists and Boundaries

    20 Apr 2009

    The first in a new series of talks about boundaries, discussing how throughout history, artists have been allowed and even expected to push boundaries. With Richard Dedomenici, Cai Yuan and Mark McGowan.

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