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  • Still: 37 Uses for a Dead Sheep

    Ben Hopkins

    14 Nov 20063 Dec 2006

    A full overview of the artist's work to date: one of the most original British filmmakers currently at large.

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  • Spiral Jetty, Robert Smithson

    Alien Nation

    17 Nov 20066 Jan 2007

    To celebrate the ICA's new Alien Nation exhibition, we present a series of films and talks exploring magical universes and the extra-terrestrial myths of rock and pop legends.

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  • Still: Nobody Knows If It Ever Happened

    Kino Ankst Film Night

    1 Dec 20062 Dec 2006

    Seminal Welsh record label Ankstmusik premiere their new film about German krautrock legends Faust, with a Q&A following the screening.

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  • BDA Sign Arts Festival

    5 Jan 20077 Jan 2007

    A celebration of British Sign Language (BSL) and Deaf culture through film, theatre and the visual arts.

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  • Fireball XL5

    SciFi TV

    5 Jan 200722 Jan 2007

    A chance to catch a selection of the best scifi television on the big screen.

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  • Halloween Short Film Festival logo

    The 4th Halloween Short Film Festival

    8 Jan 200714 Jan 2007

    The festival with an uncompromising vision to bring the best of film and music across 10 days of screenings and multi-media mayhem.

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  • Still: Turkish Delight

    Paul Verhoeven: Dutch Master

    14 Jan 200725 Jan 2007

    An exploration of the purveyor of ultra-violent box-office sensations.

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  • Still: Hot Fuzz

    Hot Fuzztival

    3 Feb 200718 Feb 2007

    A massive fortnight of non-stop cops and hardcore action to celebrate the release of Edgar Wright's new film Hot Fuzz.

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  • Image: 'Capital' poster

    The New Left: Then and Now

    9 Feb 200726 Feb 2007

    A series of ICA talks tracing the trajectory of New Left thought and action from the 60s to the present day.

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  • Still: Eraserhead

    Almost Midnight Movies

    24 Feb 200731 Mar 2007

    To tie-in with the release of the documentary Midnight Movies, a selection of special screenings of the most legendary midnight movies of all time. Just shown a little earlier than midnight.

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