The ICA Council

The ICA Council is the main governing body of the ICA and is committed to playing an active role in the life and direction of the ICA.

The ICA Council is collectively responsible for the overall success of the ICA by setting the strategic aims of the Institute, ensuring that necessary resources are in place to meet its objectives, and monitoring performance. It is also responsible for the appointment of the Directors and senior staff and crucially defines the values and standards of the ICA, including supporting the ICA Executive Director in developing the ICA's mission and artistic objectives.

The ICA Council Chair and members are unpaid and selection occurs through a nomination process established by a sub-committee of the council. Good governance recommends a maximum of two terms for members (a term being three years). The council meets four times a year at which a representative of ACE is also invited to attend.

Current Council members
Donald A. Moore (Chair)
Dilyara Allakhverdova
Charlotte Appleyard
Sara Blonstein
Vanessa Carlos
Pesh Framjee
Hadeel Ibrahim
Chris Kirkland
Prue O’Day
Jo Stella-Sawicka
Maria Sukkar
Wolfgang Tillmans