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Still: Gone

The Zone Horror Frightfest all-nighter

4 Nov 2006

Best known for their mammoth August Bank Holiday weekend horror marathons, the FrightFest team have put together a one-off, post-Halloween all-nighter especially for the ICA. Join your fellow 'Mallcontents' for a very special one-fright stand. See for further details



Intense Outback thriller from the producers of Shaun of the Dead. Preview courtesy of UIP.

Dir Ringan Ledwidge, UK/Aus 2006, 88 mins, Cert 15


12 midnight

The Beach meets Hostel as a group of backpackers travel deep into the jungles of Brazil. Preview courtesy of Lionsgate Films.

Dir John Stockwell, USA 2006, 100 mins



Startling Asian horror/fantasy with virtuoso visual-effects. Preview courtesy of Tartan Films.

Dir Danny & Oxide Pang, Thailand/HK 2006, 108 mins

The Raven


Corman does Poe: A new print of this classic slice of '60s Gothic. Courtesy of Park Circus Films.

Dir Roger Corman, USA 1963, 86 mins, Cert PG



Special-effects supremo Bob Keen delivers gory thrills, slasher action and Robert Englund! Preview courtesy of Momentum Pictures.

Dir Bob Keen, Canada 2006, 92 mins


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