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Zaum + Fraud

24 Sep 2007

Brighton's Finest presents Zaum + Fraud

Zaum celebrate the release of their fourth album I Hope You Never Love Anything As Much As I Love You on September 24th.

"... the most exciting group operating in Europe today." The Penguin Guide To Jazz.

"It's quite simply the best improvised record in more than a decade" The Wire, August 2007

"Zaum have been making a name as one of the most original and exciting free-music projects in the world. On the strength of their fourth album its a richly deserved reputation" Jazzwise, 2007

Zaum is a seven piece ensemble performing improvised music at its very best. Zaum creates an imaginary space in which sound happens - sometimes with delicacy, sometimes with staggering intensity. Steve Harris's Zaum is music instantly concieved and played by great improvisers.

Initially put together by Steve Harris in the Autumn of 2002 to record their first album, the group, which was always intended to involve a shifting number of personnel working together in a variety of music settings, has continued to flourish and develop.

The recent edition of The Penguin Guide To Jazz describes Zaum's album Above Our Heads The Sky Splits Open as a masterpiece and awards it their highest accolade. It says of the group: "...the group's music does not follow a hard-line non-idiomatic course, but explores new sonorities within and against a recognisable instrumental discourse".

A Zaum performance is always in flux, always trading warmly "organic" sounds against tonalities that are not so much dissonant or alien as uncanny, in the strict and original sense. It is profoundly humane music that communicates at a very deep level.


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