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Yves Klein, Yves Peintures, 1954 (Nice), Booklet including  ten color plates (tipped-in colored papers of various dimensions and hues, pasted on paper, Courtesy Yves Klein Archives

Yves Peintures: Re-evaluating Conceptual Painting

2 Nov 2011

This talk on the history and relevance of conceptual painting today takes the found monochromes by Yves Klein as a starting point. In 1954 Yves Klein exhibited his first work Yves Peintures at the age of 26. A booklet he produced with his friend Claude Pascal which introduces the world to a series of paintings by the unknown artist 'Yves'. Subtitled 10 Planches en Couleurs the booklet presents ten horizontal rectangles of thin coloured paper, which feature commercially printed papers as if they were reproductions of paintings that, in fact, didn't exist.

We re-evaluate the history of monochrome painting as something that stems from a conceptual as much as from a painterly origin. Curator and critic Jan Verwoert, art historian Briony Fer, artists David Batchelor and Daniel Sturgis discuss how far contemporary painting can still be debated in isolation from other media today.

Supported by the Goethe Institut, London


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E.g., 17-07-2018