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Youth Producing Change + Q&A

26 Mar 2011

Teen filmmakers turn the camera on their own struggles for human rights and invite audiences to experience the world as they do – as a Kenyan teenager living in Africa's second largest slum, as a 15-year-old girl in India who needs to chose between supporting her family or getting an education. or as a 14-year-old Afghan seeking asylum after his father was killed by the Taliban. Youth Producing Change shares ten powerful stories made by teens from across the globe as they share their vision of change.

Film program run time: 72 min. Founding Presenter: Adobe Youth Voices with the Human Rights Watch Film Festival.

Running order 

Hands of Love
Produced by 14 youth filmmakers from Voiceless Children in association with Listen Up! and Adobe Youth Voices.
For David Were and his community in Kibera, the largest slum in Kenya, having access to simple facilities like a bathroom can be a matter of life and death. After a devastating attack on his father, David and his friends know their work to provide security, latrines, and clean-up projects is more than a struggle for a healthier environment - it is part of ensuring the survival of their community.
Kenya, 2008, 8 mins, subtitles

Kamran's Story
Kamran Safi of Kent Refugee Action Network.
UK/Afghanistan, 2008, 3 mins
Drawing from a series of dramatic life-changing events, Kamran, a 14-year-old asylum seeker, narrates the story of his courageous escape from Afghanistan and his unaccompanied journey to the United Kingdom.

Eddy Perlaza, Cinthya Durán, and Sinchi Chimba of Agencia de Comunicación de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes (ACNNA).
Ecuador, 2008, 5 mins, subtitles
Young people find themselves on their own when they seek refuge from violence in Colombia – or when parents are forced to seek work in other countries to support their families. Migration provides a new take on immigration, from the perspective of children left behind.

An Average Congolese Diet
Sylvain Koko of UNICEF Oneminutesjr. Project.
Democratic Republic of Congo, 2007, 1 min, subtitles
For 14 years, Congo has been ravaged with conflict. Food insecurity remains the norm and millions have died, mostly due to malnutrition and lack of access to basic medicine. The simple truth for children in Congo – having a meal isn’t always a given.

17 & Unidentified
Alicia Wade of Global Potential.
Dominican Republic / US, 2009, 5 mins, subtitles
Born in Batey Cuchillia, Dominican Republic of Haitian descent, Deivei was never provided with a birth certificate. Without it, he cannot continue his education, find a job, marry or travel.

Growing Up In India
Produced by 17 youth filmmakers from Free the Children.
Canada/India, 2009, 9 mins, subtitles
In the northeastern desert state of Rajasthan in India, Sangita feels the limitations of her culture’s caste system when she decides she must forgo an education to train as a dancer in order to support her family.

Martina Hudorovic of DZMP/ Luksuz Produkcija.
Slovenia, 2008, 8 mins, subtitles
The Roma people have been the target of persecution and discrimination for centuries. A Roma grandmother shares her hopes for future generations as she prepares bread with her granddaughter.



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