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David Reeve and Waraluck Hiransrettawat Every, Y/Our Music, 2014

Y/Our Music + Q&A

20 Dec 2015

To celebrate this UK premiere of Y/Our Music, a Q&A session with co-director David Reeve follows the screening.

There is also the rare chance to see a live performance on the khaen by Great Lekakul after the screening.

Awarded Grand Jury Prize for Best International Feature at the Muvi Lisboa Film Festival.

The sounds of Thailand from rice field to leftfield, from raw Isan countryside to Bangkok’s hip pockets. In a period of conflict and divided beliefs we encounter nine non-mainstream music-makers, jump into their contrasting environments and see what they see – the inspiration for very different, but equally amazing, music.

The musical divide between country and city is stark even though they have much in common – both are struggling to be true to their artistic integrity alongside the demands of trends in mainstream culture. Surely if music expresses diversity, all voices should be encouraged to express themselves freely. Can great perceptual divides in a society be bridged if we only recognise the inherent value in all aspects of a culture?

Y/Our music, dir. David Reeve and Waraluck Hiransrettawat Every, Thailand / UK 2014, 82 mins.


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