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Yellow Sea, Dir. Hong-jin Na, 2011

Yellow Sea

21 Oct 20119 Nov 2011

"One of the freshest action films in recent memory" The Guardian

"Director Hong-jin Na frames everything stylishly and the frenetic pace never lets up" Metro

★★★★ "Its power and bite-strength are impressive" The Guardian

"Fast and funny and edge-of-the-seat tense" Electric Sheep Magazine 

An electrifying crime thriller from the director of The Chaser. Gu-nam, a debt-ridden taxi driver, follows his missing wife on the illegal immigrant trail from China to South Korea as he prepares to murder a Seoul businessman.

Gu-nam spends his time drinking and gambling as he attempts to blot out the wreck his life has become. His wife has crept over the border into South Korea and lost contact with him. His gambling debts are spiraling out of control. His self-respect is non-existent. As the pressure mounts Gu-nam’s desperation escalates. Eventually he can see no way out other than to accept the offer of local crime boss Myun to follow his wife to Seoul where he must murder a businessman. It’s no mistake that Gu-nam’s job is as a taxi driver. Martin Scorsese and Paul Schrader’s iconic portrait of "God’s Lonely Man" hangs over this thrilling, intense film.

Dir. Hong-jin Na, South Korea 2011, 140 mins, subtitles, cert 18
Cast. Yun-seok Kim, Jung-woo Ha and Seong-Ha Cho


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