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Photo: Yeasayer


6 Mar 200810 Mar 2008

Live Nation presents Yeasayer.

"One minute you hear echoes of Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer, the next a kind of peyote-fuelled, space-bound folk." The Guardian

Part of the burgeoning Brooklyn new music scene who echo spiritual godfathers such as NY bands TV On The Radio or Akron/Family this is an ICA show not to be missed featuring big, exultantly tuneful music with real pop potential. Yeasayer put bundles of energy into their vocals, their performances, their moustaches and their synthesizer heavy sound led by frontman Chris Keating. Psychedelic soul choir, kaleidoscopic art rock band, radio friendly hit makers, world music enthusiasts, take your pick as Yeasayer could be filed as any of these and more.


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E.g., 19-09-2018