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Women Should Be In Charge: Live Performances

20 May 2011

Listen to live music, watch performances and join in workshops celebrating powerful female voices all evening throughout the ICA Theatre and Bar.

Please note that performances in the Theatre contain adult content and are recommended for those over 18 years old.

In the Bar
From 7pm, take part in a feminist icon fanzine workshop and artist Jessica Voorsanger's Modern Art Stars, a fancy-dress parade like no other. Artist and DJ Lucienne Cole presents visuals and a DJ set, made up of powerful women’s voices, including 1960s girl bands.
Lucienne Cole
Jessica Voorsanger

In the theatre
7.30pm Noctum Rectum
The brown force of the continental hard north will be performing loving lullabies of intimate metal adolescence while exploring contemporary rock music's paraphoargenetalia and gesticuratable clangers as tools of 'empowertoolment'.
Noctum Rectum

8.10pm Mel Brimfield
This performance features a monologue by the artist accompanied by Foley sound effects.
Mel Brimfield

8.35pm Oriana Fox
This performance is a collage of moments from the history of Western feminism where chronology is foresaken in order to question notions of progress. It starts with Sarah Palin competing in a beauty contest and ends with a suffragette slashing the Rokeby Venus.
Oriana Fox

9pm Flame Proof Moth
A beautiful mix of acoustic, ambient and spoken word lead by Tim Siddall, who invented the original track “Women Should be in Charge’ which has inspired the event at the ICA.
Flame Proof Moth

9.45pm The Fucks
Alternative and experimental live music with haunting vocals.
The Fucks

10.45pm Deej Fabyc
A re-enactment of Yves Klein’s infamous Monotone Symphony, with male rather than female models by Australian/British artist Deej Fabyc.
Deej Fabyc

Presented in association with Home Live Art.


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