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The Red Bench, Onomichi, Japan, 2005. Photograph by Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders and Mary Zournazi: Inventing Peace

26 Feb 2014

Acclaimed German film director Wim Wenders and Australian philosopher Mary Zournazi discuss their new book Inventing Peace (I.B. Tauris, 2013) with Professor Jacqueline Rose. Taking the form of a written dialogue, this book presents an exploration of human perception and concepts of peace. Through various cinematic, literary and artistic examples, this identifies the need to reinvent a visual and moral language for peace, providing an alternative to the inhumanity of war and violence.

Wim Wenders is a film director, photographer, playwright and writer. His internationally-renowned films include Alice in the Cities, False Move, Kings of the Road, Paris, Texas, Wings of Desire, Until the End of the World, Faraway, So Close, The End of Violence, Buena Vista Social Club, Palermo Shooting, Land of Plenty and many others. His ground-breaking 3D film Pina was nominated at the Academy Awards for Best Documentary in 2012. Wenders is President of the European Film Academy and teaches film as a Professor at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg.

Mary Zournazi is an Australian writer and philosopher. She teaches in the sociology program at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. She is the author of several books, including Hope - New Philosophies for Change (Routledge, 2003), and Keywords to War: Reviving Language in an Age of Terror (Scribe, 2007). Keywords to War was made into a radio documentary for ABC Radio National in Australia, and it was nominated for the Australian UN Media Peace Prize in 2008.

Jacqueline Rose is internationally known for her writing on feminism, psychoanalysis, literature and more recently on the politics and ideology of Israel-Palestine. Her books include The Haunting of Sylvia Plath, Sexuality in the Field of Vision, States of Fantasy, The Question of Zion, The Last Resistance and the novel Albertine. Conversations with Jacqueline Rose came out in 2010, The Jacqueline Rose Reader in 2011 and Proust Among the Nations – from Dreyfus to the Middle East early 2012. Women in Dark Times will be published by Bloomsbury this year. She is a co-founder of Independent Jewish Voices in the UK and a Fellow of the British Academy, and teaches at Queen Mary University of London.


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