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Wild Tales, film still, Damián Szifrón, Argentina/Spain 2014,

Wild Tales

3 Apr 20152 Jan 2016

Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in the 2015 Oscars, Wild Tales comprises six episodes linked by common themes of dark, comedic misfortune and revenge.

The first has echoes of co-producer Pedro Almodóvar’s I'm So Excited! as a catwalk model (María Marull) realises she has boarded a plane full of people who have also in some way maltreated an ex-boyfriend she unceremoniously dumped… and guess who’s in the cockpit?

Other segments include a surrealist road-rage showdown, a jealous bride causing mayhem at her wedding party and a corrupt millionaire incensed by his equally unscrupulous lawyer. Ricardo Darín, so exceptional in The Secret in Their Eyes, appears as an explosively vengeful demolition engineer. Director Szifrón’s fast-moving narrative style packs this wickedly hilarious compendium with huge entertainment value.

Wild Tales Official UK Trailer (2015) HD

Wild Tales, dir. Damián Szifrón, Argentina/Spain 2014, 122 mins., Spanish with English subtitles

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