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Stan Brakhage, The Text of Light, 1974

Wild Lines

19 Aug 2015

In response to Lives on Wire by Eloise Hawser, this screening event explores the use of sound in experimental film, video, music and expanded cinema practice from the 1930s until now. Through silent works, sound works and collaborative works between experimental musicians and filmmakers, Wild Lines becomes a sensual experience of sound and image and a tactile exploration of the ways in which they can reinforce or go against one another.


The Text of Light, Stan Brakhage - 20 minute excerpt, Silent 16mm, 1974

Rose Hobart, Joseph Cornell - 19 mins, 1936

Closed Horizontal Illumined, Benedict Drew and Rhodri Davis - 2 mins, 2011

Such Animals, Sam Austen - 19 mins, 16mm, sound and music by Kugan Vijayatharan, Jackson Blumenthal and Sam Austen, 19 mins, 2014

Not Blacking out Just Turning the Lights offJames Richards - 16 mins, 2011-12

The event will also include new sound works by Ectopia (with Adam Christensen, Jack Brennan and Vicky Steiri) and Badfood (with Mark William Lewis, Joshua Field and Adrien Aldihni).

This event has been curated by ICA Student Forum Member Mark William Lewis.


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E.g., 03-08-2021