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Image: Whiteplane2


30 Nov 2007

First seen at Baltic gallery, Whiteplane2 is a unsettling, beautiful sound installation incorporating a new live performance created for the ICA. Alex Bradley and Charles Poulet use ambisonic techniques - immersive sound - to inhabit the very fabric of the building, inviting the audience to rethink their ideas of perspective, light and depth. Bradley and Poulet will write a score which will fully integrate with the ICA theatre, and which will be augmented by live improvisation at a different tempo to the main score, creating what the artists call a "rhythm of position". The audience will be free to wander around Whiteplane2, a space that moves from the familiar to the unfamiliar through sonic illusion, provoking a feeling of subtle dislocation. Co-produced by Alex Bradley and Helen Cole. Commissioned by Arnolfini in association with amino and Baltic. Ambisonic Development and software by Raj Patel and Alban Bassuet, Arup Acoustics. Supported by Contemporary Music Network. Funded by Arts Council England.


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E.g., 01-08-2021