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The White Review Film Series: Will Self introduces Full Metal Jacket

9 Jul 2013

Author and journalist Will Self introduces Stanley Kubrick's spare, harrowing and visceral Full Metal Jacket, which explores Kubrick's recurring theme of the processes and consequences of dehumanisation.

The film starts with a group of marines undergoing basic training on Parris Island. It then moves to the fighting in Saigon and Hue during the Tet Offensive of 1967, showing how the soldiers' acquired skills and reflexes are put into practice in the actual confusion of war.  

On choosing the film for The White Review Film Series, Will Self said: 'I want to see Full Metal Jacket because I've never seen it before. I'm an admirer of Kubrick's cinema - of course - and the novel I'm currently working on relates, albeit tangentially, to the Vietnam War. Also: I've visited Beckton Alps, where some of Full Metal Jacket was shot, and I'm intrigued to see this East End slag heap transmogrified by Stanley's lens.'  

A short discussion will follow the screening.

The White Review is a quarterly arts journal.

Full Metal Jacket, dir. Stanley Kubrick, USA 1987, 116 mins

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