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Photo: Ken Loach

Which Side Are You On? + Ken Loach in conversation

17 Jun 2009

Special 25th anniversary screening

This special screening of Ken Loach's acclaimed documentary – an in-depth portrait of the 1984 striking miners communities and an anthology of their songs and poems – marks the 25th anniversary of the miners' strike. Originally commissioned for the South Bank Show to air in November 1984 it was not aired due to its "highly partial view on a controvertial subject". The programme was made partly to counter what Loach saw as the anti-union position of the mainstream media and it shows the miners' dismay at the way in which they are depicted. Loach felt himself a victim of media bias in the banning of the programme. 25 years on, Loach will be present to discuss what happened then and its relevance in todays media-saturated environment.

Dir Ken Loach, UK 1984, 54 mins


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E.g., 20-09-2018