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Where Theory Belongs: Stine Hebert

21 Jan 2015

Where Theory Belongs is a series of ten lectures programmed and chaired by Dr. Stephen Wilson as part of CCW’s General Theory Forum, which places the excitement of theory back into the hands of the speaker and the audience. In an increasingly resistant culture of auto‐regulated art-speak, art theory is in a constant need for reflective governance. This series will offer a platform that brings together: art theorists, anthropologists, sociologists, humanists, queer theorists, artists and political economists… theory will be addressed by those voices that write and speak it thereby suggesting Where Theory Belongs.

In this session, Stine Hebert will be in conversation with Professor Neil Cummings and ICA associate curator Astrid Korporaal on topics related to Self-Organised, edited by Stine Hebert and Anne Szefer Karlsen and published by Open Editions in 2013. ICA curator Matt Williams will give an introduction to the conversation.

Stine Hebert is an art historian and curator based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hebert has practiced as a freelance curator for a number of years focusing on investigations of conditions of artistic production. She has produced exhibitions for various spaces internationally and lectured at universities and art academies in the Nordic countries. Hebert was previously Acting Director of BAC -Baltic Art Center in Visby; curator at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen, and has recently been appointed Rector of Funen Art Academy in Denmark.

Neil Cummings is Professor of Critical Practice at Chelsea. Cummings has evolved a multidisciplinary art practice that often requires an intense period of research within the specific contexts in which art is produced, distributed and encounters its audiences. Principally, this has meant working directly with museums, galleries, archives and art schools. Currently Cummings is interested in the political economy of creativity, and how art is instituted.

Matt Williams has been the Curator at the ICA since late 2010. Prior to his appointment at the ICA he was Curator/Director of the International Project Space, Birmingham from 2008 to 2010. He co-edited the annual publication NOVEL which focused on artists writing, texts and poetry. Since his appointment at the ICA he has presented live events by Kai Althoff, Ed Atkins, Luke Fowler, Factory Floor and NTS. He is also responsible for the group exhibitions Remote Control and Journal, plus solo presentations by Bernadette Corporation, Bjarne Melgaard, Hannah Sawtell, Lutz Bacher and Neil Beloufa.

Astrid Korporaal is Associate Curator of Education Partnerships at the ICA and co-founder of Almanac project-space based in London and Turin. Previously she worked as Assistant Curator at FormContent.

In partnership with Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon (CCW) Graduate School, University of the Arts London


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