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What Remains, Çiğdem Vitrinel Özcan, 2011

What Remains (Geriye Kalan)

28 Feb 2013

Sevda's happy marriage is her whole life and her biggest success, but all that is about to fall apart when she discovers her husband is having an affair. Sevda is ready to take any measures against the 'other woman' to save her marriage, but in Çiğdem Vitrinel Özcan's perceptive portrait of two women at breaking point, nothing is simply one dimensional. The winner of the Best Director and Best Actress awards at the 2011 Antalya Festival, this debut feature is an intriguing and disturbing look at contemporary life.

What Remains, dir. Çiğdem Vitrinel Özcan, Turkey 2011, 97 mins, English subtitles, cert. 15


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E.g., 23-09-2018