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Abel Ferrara, Welcome to New York, 2014

Welcome to New York

15 Aug 201424 Aug 2014

Legendary director Abel Ferrara (Ms. 45, King of New York) directs this thinly veiled, fascinating dramatic exploration of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn sexual assault case, featuring Gerard Depardieu in a magnificent performance as corrupt businessman Devereaux, spiralling into a personal hell.

Consumed by a lust for power and sex, Deveraux is accused of assaulting a hotel cleaner and watches his world crumble around him. A grotesquely fascinating, often shockingly lyrical and moving study of corruption and sexual excess, Ferarra’s film is brash, shocking and often disarmingly funny.

Welcome to New York, dir. Abel Ferrara, France/US 2014, 125 mins, cert. 18

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