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We Went to War, Michael Grigsby & Rebekah Tolley, 2013

We Went to War

24 Mar 20137 Apr 2013

★★★★ Time Out
★★★★ Total Film

In 1970, a young British director Michael Grigsby made one of the first films about veterans returning home from the Vietnam war - the critically acclaimed and award winning, I Was a Soldier. The film focused on Dennis, David and Lamar (three young soldiers recently returned from combat), as they tried to readjust to life back home in the heartlands of Texas, after a year on the frontline. Some 40 years after the film’s first release, I Was a Soldier is hailed as "a classic" (Sight & Sound), poignantly echoing the experiences of soldiers struggling to reclaim such familiarity now, in the aftermath of Iraq and as the war in Afghanistan rages on.

We Went To War sees filmmakers Michael Grigsby & Rebekah Tolley return to the stories of those once young Americans, now aged and prematurely scarred by brutal experience, far too young and finds a shared sense of understanding with so many of those returning from the frontline today.

Sunday 31 March: I Was a Soldier + We Went to War
A screening of Michael Grigsby's I Was a Soldier (1970, 40 minutes) followed by We Went to War.

Dirs. Michael Gribsby & Rebekah Tolley. UK/Ireland 2013, 77 mins, cert. TBA


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