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Pere Portabella, Warsaw Bridge, 1989

Warsaw Bridge

30 Oct 2014

Catalan director Pere Portabella’s groundbreaking masterpiece Warsaw Bridge (Pont de Varsòvia) is an artistic and political essay on the Europe of the late 80s, with its vacuities and an amnesiac political class. It is a beautiful avant-garde film and it was praised by the director of Silence of the Lambs, Jonathan Demme, when he said:

I was lucky enough to first see Warsaw Bridge at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Barcelona in the summer of 2000 as part of a “hometown boy makes good” retrospective the museum was presenting of Portabella’s work. I was literally freaked and said, “Who? Pere Portabella? Used to produce Bunuel films? Why haven’t I ever even heard of this guy? How could a rich and dazzling and sumptuous film such as this remain so utterly unknown in my country? The exquisite images, the superbly rendered music, the bravura style, this bold narrative, the great performances, the perfection of the totality of this unique and vibrant wonderland of a film — How to get it seen in America?

Trailer Pont de Varsòvia

Warsaw Bridge, dir. Pere Portabella, Spain 1989, 85 mins

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