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!WAR: Women, Art, Revolution – A Secret History + Q&A

30 Mar 2011

Forty years in the making, !WAR is artist and filmmaker Lynn Hershman’s remarkable tribute to the feminist art movement, delving deeply into a rich cultural history that raises vital questions about gender politics, equality and freedom of expression. Today’s art world embraces female visionaries, but only a generation ago, it was rare to find female artists in major museums and galleries. Enacting that change was nothing short of a revolution.

Hershman’s story begins in the sixties, when the winds of liberation drew attention to gender inequality in the art world. Hershman interviews a wide number of eyewitnesses, including artists, scholars and curators who were breaking barriers. Hershman incorporates her own personal historical perspective and acknowledges the difficult choices that were made over what to leave out from her over one thousand hours of accumulated footage. Thanks to her, the revolution can now be televised. !WAR was officially selected for the Sundance Film Festival 2011.

Dir Lynn Hershman, US 2010, 83 mins


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