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Wah Do Dem, Fleischner/Ben Chace, USA/Jamaica 2009

Wah Do Dem

18 Oct 2009

The 2008 US presidential election is approaching, and Brooklyn resident Max (Sean Bones) has been lucky enough to win a cruise to Jamaica. He's excited about the trip, and looking forward to spending some quality time with his girlfriend Willow (Norah Jones) but, two days before they are due to leave, Willow dumps him. Unable to rally any company for the trip, he sets off on his own, only to become a fish out of water, first on a ship where few of his fellow cruisers are under 65, and then again when he attempts to escape the tourist traps once they disembark on the Caribbean island. Max doesn't exactly clash with different generations and cultures, it is more like he stumbles and bumps into them, on a hapless adventure that doesn't appear to be leading him anywhere good.

The debut collaboration from Sam Fleischner and Ben Chace, Wah Do Dem is a daring and inventive slice of slacker cinema that took the Best Narrative Feature prize at this year's LA Film Festival. It's raw and occasionally unsettling, with Bones' enigmatic performance leaving it difficult to know whether to laugh or despair as Max's luck turns from bad to worse.

dir Sam Fleischner/Ben Chace, USA/Jamaica 2009, 76 mins


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