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Martin Provost, Violette, 2013


10 Oct 201415 Oct 2014

Violette Leduc, born out of wedlock at the beginning of the 20th century and scarred by childhood trauma and a loveless marriage, encountered Simone de Beauvoir in the post-WWII years in St-Germain-des-Prés. An intense relationship began between them, which would last their whole lives, a relationship based on the quest for freedom through writing, for Violette, and, for Simone, on the conviction that she held the fate of an extraordinary writer in her hands.

Violette trailer - English subtitles

A parade of great French writers from Camus to Genet is brought to life by a magnificent ensemble cast as director Martin Provost vividly and unsentimentally recreates the heady intellectual atmosphere of 1940s Paris. Devos (Coco Before Chanel) gives an impassioned performance as Violette, portraying an uncompromising female artist’s journey from darkness to light; Kiberlain is equally brilliant, beautifully rendering de Beauvoir’s intelligence, severity and compassion.

Violette, dir. Martin Provost, France/Belgium 2013. TBC mins. French with English subtitles

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