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Vers Madrid - The Burning Bright!, Sylvain George, 2013

Vers Madrid - The Burning Bright!

7 Apr 201314 Apr 2013

Sylvain George's Vers Madrid - The Burning Bright! documents the origins of the Occupy movement with an experimental newsreel, recording the grassroots protest movement that evolved in Madrid in 2011.

"This film presents views, scenes and moments of the class struggle in Madrid. The 'Movimiento 15-M' is the first major 'movement' in the beginning of the 21st century: a deep movement, trans-border and trans-historical which reactivates and works ideas and concepts that were long thought to be forgotten: demos, logos, revolution..."  - Sylvain George

"Vers Madrid will stand as one of the strongest documents of 15-M, a strong, political statement from a committed filmmaker" - Desist Film

Special Q&A
The screening on 7 April is followed by a Q&A with director Sylvain George, hosted by Kieron Corless, Deputy Editor of Sight and Sound.

Dir. Sylvain George, France 2013, 150 mins, subtitled, cert. TBC


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