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Swansea Love Story, dir Leo Leigh/Andy Capper, 2009

VBS TV Presents: Swansea Love Story

8 Dec 2009

Tonight is the premiere for the most recent film in’s brilliant Rule Britannia series, made by Vice magazine editor Andy Capper and director Leo Leigh (the magnificently talented son of Mike Leigh). A few months ago the pair made Blackpool: Las Vegas of the North, an unblinking and affectionate portrait of the seaside town that is on its uppers but remains oddly magical (still available to watch on ). Now they bring us Swansea Love Story, a portrait of heroin addiction as experienced by a group of friends in South Wales.

As is the Vice tradition, the whole thing is absolutely free, and if all goes to plan we will be welcoming Capper and Leigh for a Q&A and then a party in the bar after the premiere.

dir Leo Leigh/Andy Capper, UK 2009


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