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United Nations of Hip-Hop

12 Sep 2006

From slavery and reparations to bling and the price of diamonds: hip hop shorts from around the world.

  • Hip Hop and Globalization in Senegal in West Africa (A work in progress), USA 2005, dir. Christina Choe, 9.5 mins.
  • Bling: Consequences and Repercussions Hip hop's obsession with diamonds and the illegal diamond trade in Africa, USA 2005, dir. Kareem Edouard, 11.5 mins.
  • A Black Scholar Investigates Colonialism Ralph Bunche's observations on the impact of colonialism on indigenous societies and cultures, USA 2004, dir. William Greaves, 26 mins. UK premiere
  • Slave Reparations: The Final Passage An historical background and response to the debate on the payment of reparations to African-Americans, USA 2004, dir. John Eiser, 28 mins.

Presented in collaboration with The Hip-Hop Association.


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