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Losing It, dir BJ Balogun, 2008

Underground Shorts

7 Nov 2009

Friends, family, work and city living are the key themes in this programme of shorts: BJ Balogun’s Communication, Clint Dyer’s Second Chance, Adaora Nwandu’s Say My Name, Sunny King’s Signs, BJ Balogun’s Losing It, Olu Fashakin’s Marcus and Neil Redman’s Shit Happens.


Two rival gangs are feuding. What could prevent the situation from ending into a blood bath?
dir BJ Balogun, UK 2009, 21 mins.

Second Chance
A teacher takes a class of unruly teenagers on a field trip. All seem to be enjoying the fresh air, except for one boy, who keeps receiving threatening text messages.
dir Clint Dyer, UK 2008, 11 mins.

Say My Name
A contemporary gay love story set amidst a gritty grimy urban backdrop.
dir Adaora Nwandu, UK 2009, Digibeta, 12 mins.

A comedy set in a cybercafé, where the store owner has to deal with a customer who can’t read the signs.
dir Sunny King, UK, 2009, Digibeta, 2 mins.

Losing It
Marcel has lost his job, his girlfriend and close mates in a short amount of time… Enough to make him lose his sanity.
dir BJ Balogun, UK 2008, 16 mins.

Marcus How gun crime affects a tight family of three: Patricia, a single mother, and her two teenage children Marcus and Abigail.
dir Olu Fashakin, UK 2009, 15 mins.

Shit Happens Ricky, known to his friends as a player, seems to have finally found Mrs Right!
dir: Neil Redman, UK 2009, Digibeta, 12 mins.


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