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Still: Lay Down Old Man

UNCUT Independent Film Forum: March 2008

29 Mar 2008

Two rival street gangs with roots in California have become a nationwide phenomenon, claiming members across the American continent. The bewildering origins of this powder keg of violence are meticulously uncovered in this two-films-in-one documentary about the history of the Bloods and the Crips.

Greg 'Batman' Davis (East Side Crips), and T Rodgers (Black P Stone Bloods) grew up as leaders within their own sets, violently feuding offshoots of the Black Panthers formed in Los Angeles in the late 1960s. Like their respective gang colours each provides a different outlook; Batman shares his extensive photo archive charting his life as a gang-banger. Meanwhile a day in Rodgers' life is chronicled as he struggles to keep the peace in 'The Jungle'

Director Nemo Librizzi creates an unforgettable portrait of two aging warriors, and a fascinating and intimate look into the lives of these gangs. The film also explores how Batman and T Rodgers, now respected OGs in their communities work diligently to put an end to the cycle of violence they helped to perpetuate.

Featuring music by The Last Poets, Pharoah Sanders, Bill Laswell and Fourth Disciple of Wu-Tang Clan.

Lay Down Old Man, Dir Nemo Librizzi, US 2005, 82 mins


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