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Howard Brookner, image courtesy of Howard Brookner archive

Uncle Howard

16 Dec 201623 Dec 2016

"While the movie has scintillating glimpses of such '80s New York luminaries as Madonna, Patti Smith and Laurie Anderson, it’s less a nostalgic evocation than a dual portrait of two intertwined artists, one gone too soon, the other just hitting his stride.”

– Glenn Kenny, The New York Times

Independent filmmaker Howard Brookner died of AIDS in NYC in 1989 while in post-production on his breakthrough Hollywood movie Bloodhounds of Broadway, starring Madonna and Matt Dillon. Uncle Howard follows his nephew's personal journey to discover his uncle's film legacy which captured the late 1970s and early 1980s downtown NYC cultural revolution, and had been buried for 30 years in writer William S. Burroughs' infamous apartment.

UNCLE HOWARD official UK trailer

Uncle Howard, dir. Aaron Brookner, UK/US 2016, 97 mins.


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