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Ultra Culture Cinema #5 – Catfish

16 Dec 2010

With four awesome nights in the can and mammoth plans for 2011, Ultra Culture Cinema returns to the ICA for this year's most important Christmas party, jam packed with fun, games and an exclusive preview of the year's most blogged-about documentary, Catfish.

Forever to be known as 'that other Facebook movie', Henry Joost and
Rel Schulman's revelatory doc sees Rel's photographer brother Nev travel 800 miles to rural Michigan in a quest to meet his online girlfriend Megan. Playful, provocative and fiercely contemporary, we can think of no better film to bring 2010 to a close with.

And that's just the beginning. The real party kicks off afterwards in the ICA bar where competitions, awesome prizes and a whole host of exciting surprises await everyone who believes in the true spirit of Christmas... getting drunk and eating a barrel load of biscuits.

Dirs Henry Joost/Ariel Schulman, USA, 2009, 94 mins


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